• Model Number:   D-68-12
  • Rated Power:   67W
  • Application:  LED, Building access,etc
  • Fan Type:  Natural cooling
  • Name:  LED driver power supply
  • Input Voltage:  220VAC
  • Raw material:  100% brand new
  • Dimension:  130x97x38mm
  • Packaging Details:  -
  • Carton Dimention:  -

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Product Features

*Small size, light weight
*High reliability, low price
*Wide voltage input
*High conversion efficiency, low temperature increase
*Built-in filter circuit, less external radiation interference
*It has a basic protection circuit,good ability to adapt to the environment
*100% full load burn and a full range of functions

Product Details

Rated output voltage

DC 12V

BAT +13.8V

Output interface position

Six P-9.5mm Terminal Blocks are labeled DC+12V,DC-;BAT+,BAT-

Output voltage range

Setting error ±0.5V

Rated output current



Floating in  current range

0.5~5A(MAX 5A)

0.2~0.5A(MAX 0.5A)

Output voltage ripple



Li; Lo regulation



Comprehensive regulation accuracy



Rated output power


Rated working efficiency

>=70% Output power rating

Rated input voltage

Rated voltage:AC220V Operating voltage:AC176~264V interface position AC-L,AC-N,FG

Rated input current

Rated current AC0.6A,current range AC0.2~1A

AC input frequency

Rated AC voltage frequency range 47 ~ 63Hz Sine wave

Input inrush current

Working energized instant impact on the power grid surge current,Boot cold start maximum of 60A / 10mS

Input Overvoltage Protection


Output overload protection

Overload protection point of about 120% to 200% of rated output power

Output overvoltage protection


Work overheating protection


UPS battery management

Need an external battery (capacity 3-6AH) as a backup power supply,when the AC power supply is stopped  converted to a backup power system automatically,System Conversion <= 50mS,when AC power supply  become normal then AC power supply and battery management automatically

Power time parameter

Preparation time (SETUP TIME) ≈200mS;Settling time (RISE TIME) ≈50mS;Hold time (HOLD UP TIME) ≈20mS

Dielectric strength parameters

The input - output terminals:> AC1.5KV, inputs - Housing: AC1.5KV, the output terminal - Housing:> AC0.5KV leakage current <5mA 50Hz 1min

Operating temperature parameters

Working temperature drift coefficient is about ± 0.03 [% / ℃]; absolute temperature coefficient of about 0.50 [℃ / W]; rated power output at work, body absolute temperature rise of 25 ℃ ± 5 ℃

Environmental conditions parameters

Storage environment: -20 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃; 10% ~ 95% RH .. Working environment: -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃; 20% ~ 90% RH .. (Depending on the environment and the power)

Work cooling mode

Designed for continuous work standard, natural cooling heat ( the using environment and its  mounting position have an effect on power usage)

Exterior dimensions

Size: L130 × W98 × H37mm3; dimensions: L52 × W31mm2, L125 × W10mm2

Net weight and external color

Weighing about 416g; Bottom is 1.2mm thick aluminum, sand silver oxide surface treatment; cover shell is 0.5mm thick iron, silver plating surface treatment

Design criteria based on

GB GB-4943

Note: 1) the over detection indicators are measured under the following conditions:within the range rated input voltage and rated output load ,environment is 25 ℃, 85% RH,no wind

2) output DC voltage ripple detection:With a length of 30cm 1mm2 cross section one end is 0.1μF and 0.47μF bypass capacitor in parallel twisted wire detection points were detected 100Hz

Frequency ripple maximum peak Vp-p100Hz and integrated ripple maximum peak Vp-pmax

3) Li voltage regulation: a load of ratings,Input voltage fluctuation in the nominal range ;Lo Load Regulation: the rated input voltage and load variations from zero to rated.