Company development process

  • 2013 -

    February - Product 3C certificate successfully upgrade

    March - the new version of the EPS series power through the 80PLUS silver certification

    May - the new version of the SD-250PSF series power through the 3C certification

  • 2012 -

    November - low power modular EPS ATX power supply

  • 2011 -

    July - the launch of the new FLEX power ---SD-250PSF (25A), the power supply through the 80PLUS 3C certification, wide input

    August - the launch of the new ATX power - Terminator 400

  • 2010 -

    January - won America energy efficiency certification 80PLUS+
    October - launched a new series of products, saving energy saving King Wang A3, energy saving king A6
    November - launched a new 1U server power ---SD-250PSF-U, the power supply through the 80PLUS 3C certification, wide input
    December - launched a new MICRO ---SD-330TU power supply, the power supply through the 80PLUS 3C certification, wide input

  • 2009 -

    January - company completed the shareholding reform, expanding the company's capital to 10000000 yuan
    May - 's pipeline modernization upgrade - improve the production capacity of
    August - Shenyang Office - expand the company's marketing network

  • 2008 -

    April - Dongguan plant expansion completed, and recombinant AI/SMD division
    June - EPS series power supply through the 80PLUS certification

  • 2007 -

    January - moved to the new office building, restructuring and opening of the new company name - Shenzhen Roeyuta Electronics Co.,
    June - change of company general taxpayer billing address - Shenzhen city Futian District Dingcheng Zhen Zhong Road, building 603

  • 2006 -

    February - factories AI/SMD division, and the smooth operation of
    May - set up the Sales Department of Shenzhen -- the production and sale of stripping, in order to better serve customers
    October - rated 1000W server power market
    November - The factory passed quality system certification of ISO-9001:2000

  • 2005 -

    February - official website of the first revision, after the revision of the official website of the official opening of
    April - bought a new 110KW generator - lifting power failure production bottleneck
    December - has American FCC product certification

  • 2004 -

    January - won the "national consumer trustworthy product" and "quality and integrity of the national model enterprise" title
    June - through the EC CE certification products
    August - launched the 3C.T competitive weight of bovine products, 1U 2U and other industrial products for mass production of
    December - factory relocation --- Shenzhen factory production workshop and equipment all moved to Dongguan's

  • 2003 -

    February - won the national quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine issued "industrial products production license"
    March - by the People's Insurance Company of China to provide 500000 yuan of product liability insurance
    June - Dongguan to build production base - Dongguan city Del electronic hardware factory
    December - Dongguan Del electronic hardware factory started and officially put into operation

  • 2002 -

    April - was renamed Shenzhen Rongshengda Electronics Co.,
    December - China through national mandatory product certification CCC

  • 2001 -

    May - was renamed Shenzhen R-Senda electronics hardware factory .
    November - all products China Quality Inspection Association - add digital anti-counterfeit label

  • 2000 -

    June - by China electrical products CCEE certification .

  • 1999 -

    December - R-Senda electronics factory was established in Baoan District, set up a factory in Xixiang Lequn village in Shenzhen city.