Warranty regulations

warranty regulations

the warranty responsibility only for the company's products and electrical performance, all of our products in the factory have been the most stringent quality testing, to ensure that the products can meet the requirements, but still does not rule out the occasional need to repair products, such as user by telephone and Email still failed to solve the problem, but also through or visit the company customer service center, enjoy the high quality of customer service service:

95%, the company was only less than 10 minutes to complete the new customer service or make service procedures.

99%, the company was only one will be able to complete the maintenance, customers do not need to visit the customer service center.

, the company's commitment to service condition is lower than the national "micro-computer replacement return goods repair liability", in conflict, in accordance with the national "micro-computer replacement return goods repair liability" execution.

all the special products customized according to customer requirements (the company's non standard), or the customer to modify the product external components (excluding non warranty), regardless of the size of the company changes the difference, can again provide for new service contract, no special agreement when the company can provide free after-sales not more than one year from the date of delivery service. The contract has an agreement in accordance with the agreed terms of execution.

customers are required to produce a valid warranty certificate, such as disassemble products, will not warranty!